PhoenixNow is the official app of the Early College at Guilford, to be used primarily by upperclassmen students. Its features include: Being able to register for and log-in to a PhoenixNow account. Checking-in each day to school via the app's sign-in system. The app uses GPS location to detect if a student is on the Guilford College campus, and if so, the user will check-in successfully. Submitting a schedule for each semester for approval, thereby only having to sign-in on days that a student has classes. Associated with the website "phoenixnow. org, " this app signs-in on the same system. Using either the app or the website will produce the same result, with office administration maintaining a record of each student's overall attendance. Special thanks to Principal Linda Kidd and Lisa Kiser for supporting PhoenixNow. PhoenixNow and PhoenixNow. org were developed by the Hello World App Club, with programmers Justin Kerr, Varun Nair, Nicholas Day, and Ali Chaudhry. Artwork designed by Calder Brown.
Operating System Android