Funkey6 Keyboard for Wear

Funkey6 keyboard was intentionally designed to use every pixel of your smart watch for accurate and efficient typing. Funkey6 allows you to send short messages from your smartwatch. For requests and suggestions, contact us at: Patent pending - All rights reserved. Funkey6's 6 large keys will fully accommodate you for typing on your tiny smartwatch. Designed primarily for accurate letter by letter typing. Smart integrated word prediction. At any moment you can either specify a letter, or choose a group of letters. 6 large keys: X 1. 5 bigger than standard keyboard size on smartphone. Optimized intuitive alphabetical key order. 6 sliding directions for control and precision. Customized layouts accommodating various smartwatch shapes. Large space for typing. Rapid gesture shortcuts: space, enter, uppercase, delete. Your contact list appears on your smartwatch and can be synchronized at any time.
Operating System Android