TeT-a-TeT: secure messenger

TeT-a-TeT was created specifically for you to discuss important topics privately and securely without having to worry about data leakage. All messages and dialogs have customizable "life"-time, because the application does not store your data or the story of correspondences anywhere: locally or on the server. In case of loss of your device, an attacker can not get to your contacts, thanks to the improved banking encrypted code to enter the application. TeT-a-TeT conveys messages of media and audio files only via safe communication channel where data is encrypted not once. (More than 6 levels of encryption) It`s impossible to take a screenshot. When attempting to steal your password to your contact list users will be notified of any suspicious activity. Built-in group chats are convenient, including online and offline modes. TeT a TeT synchronizes with the phone book and shows the friends who have already installed this application only if you disable "stealth" mode. PUSH notifications come in "a secret" form. There is a quick search for contacts by name or phone number. Add a contact to favorites, to start a dialogue, without losing time.
Operating System Android