Did you know that in Panama assets such as homes, cars, land, ships, home appliances and many goods are topped more publicly? Did you also know that in Panama more than 100 foreclosures per month are made? Do you know what a Judicial Auctions? A judicial auction is a modality for the acquisition of property (movable and immovable property and other) that have been subject to a legal procedure, following the default of a payment from a deudor. En that instance, a judge orders put the such property public saleEveryone over age either Panamanian or foreign can participate in foreclosures. Many people are unaware of this system to purchase goods, so we created the deRemate507 application for these people to become aware of the closings that take place in Panama. With deRemate507 receive notifications of auctions along with important data such as date, time, minimum participation amount, location of trial and others, you can also save your favorite shots, the steps to participate in an auction and to search for specific auctions by category as land, houses, cars and more. What are you waiting, Free Download deRemate507. and find goods that are finished off in Panama.
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