Deep Telegram

Access the Deep Telegram: the dark side of the famous messaging app. This app allows you to access secret Telegram servers, a sort of hidden second telegram. This app has all of the functions the official Telegram app has. Additional info: On deep telegram you can create up to two channels/groups with public usernames. You can use https://telegram. me/deepbridgebot to transfer files from telegram to deep telegram and vice versa. On deep telegram channels can have max 3 admins. On deep telegram the limit for supergroups is of 20 users. On deep telegram the equivalent of @botfather is @father_botYou must use the PWRTelegram bot API (https://pwrtelegram. xyz) to interface with deep telegram bots. You can also use the pwrtelegram app to login to deep telegram as a bot (https://pwrtelegram. xyz/pwrtelegram-app). On deep telegram the following official bots are present: @sticker, @spambot, @like, @vote. @gif and @vid are also present but they don't work since it looks like that version of telegram does not support inline queries. In deep pwrtelegram, @vote and @like work in channels (ergo the callback data). If you try to upgrade a normal group with more than 20 users to a supergroup telegram will randomly kick users to stay within the 20 users limit of supergroups. Note that bots won't be kicked. In deep pwrtelegram, @vote and @like work in channels (ergo the callback data). Secret chats work properly on deep telegram. If you're spamreported on telegram, you will be spamreported on deep telegram. If you're spamreported on deep telegram, you won't be spamreported on telegram. Telegram spamreports are extended to deep telegram only if they are permanent. Maximum time you can wait to edit messages: 10mSource code: https://github.com/danog/deeptelegram.
Operating System Android