The WIN WIN Mission is to create mutual benefits as participants promote, sell, or barter through online and on-land connections and collaborations called "WIN WINS. "The WIN WIN is a social media phenomenon designed to be a category game-changer. This new platform offers participants the opportunity to show who they are, share what they have, and explain what they need. all in a 30 second (entertaining? ) video. The world wants to see WHO is selling or promoting WHAT - and you can't fake it in a video. The WIN WIN is the next online WINNER. HOW THE WIN WIN WORKSIt's as easy as 1, 2, 3. 1. Make a 30 second video SELLING or PROMOTING anything legal (yes, you can promote yourself. ) 2. Connect and Collaborate with your matches on The WIN WIN CHAT. 3. Return and earn WIN WIN BUCKS - redeemable at LIVE WIN WIN Networking Extravaganzas. The WIN WIN is available on tablets, mobile devices, and computers. Posts are FREE and UNLIMITED. WIN WIN BUCKS AND LIVE EVENTSAfter participants create their WIN WINS they can return to the website and claim their WIN WIN BUCKS. This "virtual cash" is redeemable at live WIN WIN Networking Extravaganzas where WINNERS meet each other (in person), enjoy fun networking activities, excellent presentations, superb entertainment, and meet many other WINNERS from nations worldwide. WIN WIN BUCKS can be used for event registration, really cool prizes (like cruises), membership in The WIN, products from sponsors, WIN WIN swag, etc. WIN WIN CARESThe WIN WIN Cares happily contributes to the international, non-profit Prosperity and Peace Initiative. Their mission: "We move people worldwide from poverty to prosperity while promoting peace. Our goal is to increase the level of love, prosperity, and peace on Earth. "
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