Bluetooth Voice

Stream your device's microphone to a Bluetooth Speaker / Bluetooth Audio receiver. Do you need to amplify your voice? Did you know you're holding a microphone in your hand? With BluetoothVoice, all you'll need is a Bluetooth enabled speaker (or a Bluetooth Audio receiver connected to a P. A. system) and you'll be broadcasting your message. Or how about enhancing holiday decorations (Halloween for example) by hiding a Bluetooth speaker and transmitting your voice or a sound clip (which is integrated into the application) at the 'right moment? 'Several sound clips are already included in the release. Additional sound clips will be available for [free] download as time permits. BluetoothVoice can facilitate your need to be heard at presentations, rallies, entertainment venues, conventions, conferences, lectures, Functional Highlights: Scan for Bluetooth devices & connect to Bluetooth-Audio receivers (1) (4) Output Volume Microphone Volume/Sensitivity (2) Mute button Sound processing ability (2) -. Device Echo Cancellation. Device Noise Suppression. Device Automatic Gain Control. Custom Echo Reduction Sound clip selection / transmission Detailed information about the connected Bluetooth receiver (2) Detailed Help/Information (3) integrated into the App (i. e. no internet connection is needed). The EULA and Privacy Policy can be found in this document. Footnotes: Note that due to sending/receiving device processing, there is a. noticable delay between speaking into your device and the speaker. output. (1) Connection distance between your device and the Bluetooth receiver can vary; it is dependent upon your device, the receiver, interfering obstacles, and the Bluetooth specifications. (2) Hand-held device specific: Some devices (and Android versions) may or may not support these features. Even when supported, the provided functionality is based upon the specific hand-held device's abilities. (3) Available on the main screen and the upper right vertical ellipses icon. Important - some devices will not show the vertical ellipses, but will provide a bottom-left menu icon for the context help. (4) Most (as of this delivery) Bluetooth audio receivers will only permit one connection at a time. So, if another device is already connected, you won't be able to make a BluetoothVoice connection. But, if you are the connected device, you will (based upon your hand-held device's abilities) be able to make your BluetoothVoice connection and stream other [App] transmissions from the same hand-held device.
Operating System Android