Parasaur Web Browser

Parasaur Web Browser is a streamlined mobile web browsing experience and an attempt to simplify the mobile browser concept. In early stages of development, PaulMakesApps realized that most people only use the same few websites on their phones. In our opinion, many existing web browsers do not optimize the mobile browser concept, because they are too similar to the traditional desktop web browser. By reducing the complexity of the mobile browser concept, Parasaur allows the user a more efficient mobile web browsing experience. Parasaurs most important features are the Save Webpage function, which allows the and the audio listening capabilities. Parasaur allows users to listen to audio and media from websites such as Youtube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, and more while the phone screen is turned off. Or, In version Kit Kat or lower. , Parasaur can be used to listen to audio from websites, while also using other phone functions and apps. PaulMakesApps is working on updating the "play internet audio and use other apps" function for the Lollipop version and newer versions of the Android operating system. Features: Save up to 100 links to webpages as easily accessible buttons-Listen to audio from many websites while your phone screen is off. In version Kit Kat or lower listen to audio while you use other apps. All of your screen is dedicated to viewing the website, no search bar-No advertisements from the app-No user data collected by PaulMakesApps-No user data collected by advertisement companies-One time fee-No search bar, web searches are done through google.comHow to use: The Home button takes the user to their home screen, and leaves the app running in the background-The Menu button can be used to navigate to the Main Menu, and go back and forward through the user's current web browsing history-The Menu Button can be used to navigate from the Main Menu back to the webpage the user has opened, by tapping "Menu"-The Back button can be used to go back through the user's current web browsing history, go back from any of the menus to the webpage, and go from the webpage to the user's home screen or whichever app they were using previously-Once at the Main Menu, the user can save the current webpage by tapping the "Save Webpage" button-In the Main Menu, the "Search the web" button takes the user to, where they can search the web-In the Main Menu, the user can tap the "Saved Links" button to view the saved webpages-In the Saved Links menu, the user can view buttons which, when tapped, will take the user to the saved web page-In the Main Menu, the user can tap to the "Options" button to view several more app features-In the Options menu, the user can tap the "Remove Saved Link" button to go to remove saved links-In the Remove Saved Link menu, the user can tap a saved link button to remove it-In the Options menu, the user can tap the "Use Phone and Browser" to use the phone while the browser is active-In the Options menu, the user can tap the "Close App" button to use the phone and close out of an active webpage-In all of the menus, the "Main Menu" button will take the user back to the Main Menu.
Operating System Android