Have you ever felt rejected, dejected, alone, abused, unloved, forgotten, abandoned, unnoticed, without purpose, under-used, not good enough, or the like? Well if you have ever felt like this, you are not alone. Many women feel this way at some point in their lives, but it takes more than willpower to overcome these dark feelings--it takes having an authentic relationship with Christ. BAD GIRLS 4 CHRIST is an organization to empower women to know that they are fearfully and wonderfully made. Not to be confused with a "bad" girl who has not come to the knowledge of who she is or why God created her, a B. A. D. girl stands out from the crowd and not because she is violent, nasty, rude, or disorderly. Quite the contrary, she is a woman who is on the move in a positive light. We're here to remind all women that they can fulfill their dreams and have a life that is full, prosperous, and blessed so long as they remain connected to God. Start living the life that God intended for you to live and dare to be a B. A. D Girl 4 Christ.
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