Tamnun for Windows Mobile

Tamnun is a software package for ALL your communications devices All messages are shown on all Tamnun running devices and computers. You decide which device should be used to get each message. You can run Tamnun on several devices and computers (such as Home PC, Work PC, mobile smartphone, PDA). Chat with your friends using any of your devices (even phones). Your friends will chat back using their favorite device or computer. Search for your friends easily. See who of your friends is online. Play online games with your friends. Chat during game play. During game play you can "transfer" the game to other Tamnun client of your - soon (View). Share files among your mobile devices and computers - soon (View). Firewall friendly. Download new games and start playing easily and instantly. Tamnun does not use SMS or MMS to communicate with mobile devices, only using Internet connectivity.
File Size253.1 kB
Operating System Windows Mobile 6.x Windows Mobile Windows Mobile Mobile Windows Mobile 5.x
System RequirementsCompact .NET Framework 2.0