S-unno (Symbian 3rd Ed FP2)

With S-unno, you can make phone calls to any fixed or mobile number in more than 200 countries at absolutely low rates. Rates start from as low as US 1cents/minute. S-unno uses your 3G or Wi-Fi connection to place these calls so that you can start saving now. Not just phone calls, S-unno offers much more - SMS, Value-added Services, and an extensive list of features, which are up and coming, are available to you at no additional subscription charges. S-unno is available for PCs too - use your S-unno account to make calls from PC or your mobile phone. Calls between S-unno users are Free wherever you are. Get your friends on S-unno and start making free calls. Features: Unlimited FREE calls between S-unno users - anywhere in the world; Supports 3G and Wi-Fi; Easy to use user-interface - call directly from your mobile's phone book; Call log - check out your missed and dialed calls; Advance features: Caller ID, Call Hold & Call Forwarding; SMS - offered at amazingly low rates; Easy access to value-added services; To save even more - enable the Call Intercept mode, your phone will start using S-unno for all your calls - no more worries about using up your mobile minutes.
File Size788.88 kB
Operating System Symbian OS 6.x Mobile Symbian