IRCmagic is an AppleScript enhancement for the popular Mac OS IRC chat client, Ircle. Among IRCmagic's built-in features are many handy IRC-related features like custom CTCP replies, powerful input line aliasing, andfully-configurable sound synchronization functions like AutoGet and AutoSend. Also included is a full-featured Jukebox that plays your sounds unattended, sound management functions such as AutoPlay and automatic labeling, and many other useful features. Allof IRCmagic's built-in features are fully configurable, and easy to use. At the core of IRCmagic is a fast, efficient plugin engine that sets the foundation for a fully-extendable platform. IRCmagic's plugin architecture is simple and straightforward, allowing even novice scripters to write plugins easily and quickly. With IRCmagic's plugin architecture, there is no limit to how one might extend IRCmagic's capabilities.
Price USD 10
License Purchase
File Size 3.38 MB
Version 1.2.8
Operating System Macintosh, Mac OS Classic
System Requirements
  • Mac OS 8.6, Mac OS 9.x
  • AppleScript
  • Ircle 3.x