Server Information The YakityChat server is written in Pike and is designed to run as a module for Roxen WebServer 5, or on the included standalone server. YakityChat Server uses the PPP library for message transport. PPP is also written in Pike. This software is Server based, and runs best on Linux or OS X. Server Features version 0.1 Stand alone server Roxen WebServer module High performance messaging transport Unicode support Client Information YakityChat ships with a mid-featured, cross-browser Chat Client. Once the server is installed correctly, the client simply runs in the visitors web browser. All you have to do is run a server, the rest is handled automatically over the user connections. Client Features version 0.1 Emulated bidirectional connection using a technique similar to Comet Client-side Keep Alive Unicode support Message styling using CSS and templates Sound notification Colour notification URL auto link 100% Customisable Credit to Mootools for Accordian script.
File Size147.29 kB
Operating System Windows Vista Windows XP Windows 7 Windows
System RequirementsRoxen WebServer 5 or Pike 7.8.352