Bopup Communication Server

Bopup Communication Server is a corporate solution for automated management of Network Groups and offline messaging over a local area network. Bopup Communication Server includes Group Manager and Message Manager. Group Manager provides control and management of Network Groups. Message Manager lets store messages on the server and automatically forward them to recipients on the network. Bopup Communication Server is a very useful for large networks with large numbers of Network Groups and computers. It requires no assistance for remote users. All operations for creating and deleting groups, assigning and removing computers to/from groups, saving messages on the server are transparent to network users. Bopup Messenger and Bopup Observer automatically receive all Network Groups list, that are assigned for them, and all messages, that were sent offline. Network Groups are common names on a local network, supported by Bopup Messenger and Bopup Observer. Using Network Groups, users can send messages to all computers on a network, which are included to a specified Network Group.
Operating System Windows 2000 Windows Windows NT 4 Windows NT Windows XP
System Requirements
  • Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP