They protect the data stored on your PC from falling into the wrong hands. But what happens to your most private data when you sell, give away or recycle your computer? The fact that multiple formatting of the hard drive is supposed to erase your data is just an urban myth. That's why we developed O&O DiskErase. This makes it possible to safely destroy certain partitions, hard disks or all data on the entire computer at the push of a button. Thanks to O&O's world-first O&O SolidErase, data on SSDs is also shredded in a hardware-friendly and absolutely secure way. O&O DiskErase is able to safely destroy all the contents of your machine, even the files normally locked by Windows. The TotalErase function developed by O&O really annihilates all the data that is on your computer. You do not even need a boot medium that would need to be created in a complicated way. O&O DiskErase is capable of destroying the entire content of your PC after a reboot. Important. Please note that once deleted with O&O DiskErase data can not be restored. Not even by special software and hardware. Take this into account and avoid accidentally deleting your data.
Price 10
License Free to try
File Size 2.55 MB
Version 14.0
Operating System Windows 8 Windows Windows 10