Paporize SecureViewer

Use SecureViewer Desktop to create secured encrypted files in Windows Explorer. Simply right-click the file name to grant, revoke or track access to the file. Share or send secured files in any way you choose. Paporize secures all documents and files using government grade AES 256-bit encryption ciphers, sufficient to protect information at the "TOP SECRET" level. The encryption "key" for a particular document is randomly generated and every document has a different key. The secured document can be copied as a file, but all copies remain secured. Therefore, even if secured documents are copied from, say, a shared Dropbox folder to a local drive, security is not affected. You can tell when a document is Paporize-secured because it will have the Paporize icon overlaid on the document's own icon. Paporize secures your file locally on your device such as a desktop computer. No special folders on your computer are required to secure your files. Files are never uploaded or stored in the Paporize cloud service. So files always remain in your possession and only you get to decide how (and when) you want to send the file. It does not matter what method you use. Controls associated with a secured document can be altered by the owner at any time. This change is real-time and almost instantaneous. Lets say you sent a Paporize secured document via email and then realized you sent it to the wrong person. Within a few seconds, you can deny access to the document for that person. Even though sent email is essentially irrevocable, a Paporize secured document attached to an email nevertheless behaves as if revocable at any time. So your recipient will not be able to open the attachment. If you decide that the person should be granted access after all, no problem - that is just a few seconds more.
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License Free to try
File Size 6.8 MB
Version 0.2.2
Operating System Windows, Windows 7, Windows 8
System Requirements None