RoTunneling VPN

What is RoTunneling VPN ? The purpose of the RoTunneling VPN service is to help users access the Internet without censorship and to ensure their safety while surfing the Internet, ensure anonymity and protect against malware. It removes the limitation in the following cases: - You don't have access to all Web sites (Facebook or other website might be blocked by your ISP) - You cannot access certain games, P2P programs or instant messaging. - Your Internet access is via a proxy and your favorite application doesn't have the option to connect via proxy. What other benefits do I have? RoTunneling VPN also protects your personal data against interception, and plays an important role when you are connected to the Internet via a public network from a hotel, hostel, college dorm, restaurant, and you need to access personal accounts containing important information like bank account details, your email. In today's world, even a phone cell is remarkably easy to intercept your call or your Internet traffic. Now imagine how easy it is to intercept your computer traffic, especially from a public WiFi Spot. Where does RoTunneling come in? RoTunneling VPN has a technology that encrypts your traffic with AES 128, this makes your traffic unintelligible and impossible to decipher. Key features: -Military-grade traffic encryption. -Malware and Phishing Protection. -The traffic is encapsulated in native HTTPS, DNS, and ICMP traffic. -32 concurrent, bidirectional, connections between client and server. -HTTP Proxy support.
Price USD 1
License Free to try
File Size 190.1 MB
Version 5.0.6
Operating System Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 11, Windows 7, Windows XP
System Requirements None