Oxynger KeyShield

Oxynger KeyShield is a secure virtual keyboard designed to protect passwords and other sensitive information from keystroke logging. Oxynger KeyShield also protects its keystrokes from screen logging, mouse logging and shoulder surfing. It is the most effective protection against highly sophisticated keyloggers, spywares and trojan-horses used for password hacking and online financial transaction theft. Keyloggers are the main tool used in password hacking and online financial transaction theft. Oxynger KeyShield protects its keystrokes from software and hardware keyloggers. Oxynger KeyShield is protected from making its screenshots or video. Many modern keyloggers and other malicious programs are able to capture screens while entering passwords using a virtual keyboard. Screen capture protection of Oxynger KeyShield is currently the world's best. Oxynger KeyShield provides excellent protection from mouse logging. Mouse logging is refers to using mouse position at each mouse click in a virtual keyboard to identify user input. Protection from mouse logging is accomplished by not using the common QWERTY layout for positioning keys. Instead it uses different key layouts for each user of the software.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 2.0.1
Operating System Windows, Windows 7, Windows 8
System Requirements .NET Framework 3.5, Desktop Composition should be enabled