The loginTimer application create '.txt' format log, which indicates users login date & time, user - name, total number of login attempts, local & remote LoginBehaviour such as Proxy, TerminalServer, ServiceAccount, BatchProcess, Interactive, Domain, Server, DnsDomainName & more. For each user each log will be created in the same folder. You can identify your own login details as well as other users, and to know any other's using your PC at a given time or not. It is very useful to your business, office & files privacy. Gives privacy for the first user who activated the software. This user can reactivate when it necessary. A second user can't do this. The software can't activated in system folders created by operating system. Double click (Run as Admin in newer windows versions is necessary, eg: vista, 7) the software for activation a text log will be created. From the text log you can identify the login statistics of each user, Day, Date, Time, Total login Attempts, LoginBehaviour. Working pattern. Download the software and place it in any private folder. Double click to activate the software - open log file - [Activated Info]. To change the path, cut & paste the software in any other private folder & double click to re-activate - open log file - [Activated Info, Path changed]. A user wants to retain the old log after changing the path (before re-activation), place the old log in to the desired folder and then double click the software to re-activate. The new log info will be added to the old log.
LicenseFree to try
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Operating System Windows Server 2008 Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows NT Windows 2003 Windows Windows XP Windows 7