Eniledahs Secret Message

Secret Message will hide your message or text document into a image/picture/photographic file without harm to the imagery. (Steganography). Choose between using no encryption or Xor encryption. Does not change the way your image looks in any image viewer. Easy to use wizard guides you through each step and process. ESC hotkey will toggle rollup view so you can quickly "hide" your work. Password is not saved in image file. It is designed for easy of use. The wizard guide user interface is the best way for speed and usefulness. When you click on the finish button, it will let you know it is successful by stating it was "Successful!". It has a unique Xor encryption code. After it Xors your password and content, it will then recode all entire encrypted part to create code that will not trip up image file viewers. In layman's terms, it just double encrypted your message. Secret Message is good for those of you whom wish to share sensitive information safely. It will eliminate any suspicions, and help you regain your freedom of messaging.
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Operating System Windows Vista Windows Windows XP