SecureFM? is a FileMaker Pro plug-in (available for Windows, Mac OS 8/9, and Mac OS X) designed to prevent the undesired creation, modification, or deletion of data by giving database designers and system administrators the ability to selectively disable FileMaker Pro menu items and functions such as New Database, Delete Record, Delete All, Replace, New Record, Close, or Exit/Quit (and their associated control keys) while keeping other menu items available to the user. Also included with SecureFM: SecureFM Editor - This utility file, included with the SecureFM download, is designed to help you easily define and save FileMaker menu configuration sets, and comes with sample configurations including Updated for FileMaker Pro 6 - SecureFM 6 now dynamically generates configurations for FileMaker Pro 6, 5.5, 5.0, and for FileMaker Developer 5.5. The Examples file included with the download shows how you can use SecureFM to: Control Record Deletion - Protect against accidental data loss because of record deletion. SecureFM allows you to disable all of FileMaker's Delete commands, or control them through scripts. Lock Records - Use SecureFM to lock records, preventing all data changes and deletion of locked records. Essential if your solution is used in conjunction with accounting data or other mission critical information! Remove entire menus - A common developer request is to remove the Window menu. All menus can be removed. Thin Client - Use SecureFM to easily create a minimum-featured version of FileMaker Pro. SecureFM Password Feature - SecureFM's password feature gives you an added layer of security, allowing you to ensure that only the solution creator can control FileMaker's menus and toolbars. Using a password is entirely OPTIONAL. Control Found Sets - Use SecureFM in conjunction with your find scripts to allow an individual user access to his or her records only -- or only those records within their workgroup -- without compromising FileMaker's powerful find architecture.
Operating System Mac OS X 10.1 Macintosh Mac OS X 10.0 Mac OS Classic
System RequirementsMac OS 8 - OS X
FileMaker Pro 5.5 or higher