Absolute Protect

Absolute Protect is a software solution for tracing computers world-wide by using the Internet and the phone system. It allows you to find your computer in case it is lost, stolen or moved. How does it work? The software must be installed on your computer before the loss or theft. After installation it will start automatically when you reboot your computer. Also it will perform following tasks: Every 23 hours it collects IP address of the computer and sends it to Absolute Protect Monitoring Center which saves that information. You can access monitoring report online or that report can be e-mailed to specified address Additionally it silently calls specified phone number(s), so the new location of the computer can be additionally detected using Call-ID. In case your computer is lost or stolen click on red button below and fill in "Theft report" so emergency monitoring will be activated.
File Size320.31 kB
Operating System Windows 98 Windows XP Windows Windows 2000 Windows NT
System Requirements<li>Windows XP/2000/NT/ME/98