The Pomfort FrameCalculator introduces powerful expression-based calculations to the world of timecodes. Expression-based means that you don't have to enter your calculation linearly step by step, but enter and edit a full expression using addition and subtraction of timecodes and frame numbers, multiplication of timecodes with rational numbers division of timecodes into fractions and the conversion of timecodes to frame numbers and back. Currently these operations are supported for the mixed use of feature film, video, drop and non-drop time code formats with the respective frame rates. As mixing film material of different time code formats can be done on a time base but also on a frame base the Pomfort Frame Calculator supports both calculation methods: 10 minutes of 24 fps material added to 10 min of 25 fps material would result in 20 minutes worth of time code in "preserve time" mode, but in a slightly different value in the "preserve frames" mode, where the frame counts are simply added and interpreted in the chosen frame rate. With FrameCalculator you can convert the result time value of your calculation into disk space usage or transfer time for a selected image format (e.g. "2k-resolution in 10bit color depth and 1.85: 1 format") and network connection (e.g. "1 GB Ethernet"). FrameCalculator tells you how many Giga or Terabytes of data this would approximately be and how long a transfer of this data will take over the given network connections. In addition to that you can estimate the footage of film that would be needed for the given result for different film materials.
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