MDDX2: Performance Tool

MDDX2: Performance Tool for reface DX by Ibo Kai is a performance-oriented MIDI controller for the reface DX. The reface DX, launched at Summer NAMM in 2015, is a modern, mobile version of the DX100 (one of the most underrated synths of the 1980s). The reface DX focuses on portability: 37 mini keys, a built-in speaker, optional battery power and a low price point are some of the big differences from the original.Like every layout by Rainer-Award Winner Ibo Kai (see, this one-screen layout is beautiful, well-conceived, and packs a lot of punch. As the author says it: "While I think [Yamaha] created a great UI for programming FM voices, which is lightyears ahead of the old DX synths, plus you can play a loop and change a couple of parameters on the fly, I found I wanted some even more direct access to live-tweaking several things in parallel."This layout is pretty simple, just one page shows all the available functions. It is mainly what you find in the 'FM' keypad of the synth: frequencies, levels and feedback settings separately per operator plus the algorithm select."On top I added Amp Mod, which is the LFO routing to the operators levels, plus the 2 parameters for each effect unit. Please keep in mind that these depend on the original settings of the selected voice. E.g. if there is no effect selected for one of the units, the according knobs will have no - well, effect."Finally I added two system functions at the top: 'Speakers' switches the internal tiny speakers on or off, while 'LCD contrast' control might be useful in live situations, depending on the stage light.This App requires iOS 9.2 or better, and an iPad air or later is recommended. All graphics are drawn in code and optimized for all Retina screens, including the 12.9" iPad Pro.Want to customize further?MIDI Designer is the engine that powers the MDDX2 app. Upgrade to MIDI Designer Pro 2 to create your own pages, reorganize, and redesign to make your own YAMAHA layout. Then share it with the vibrant MIDI Designer Community. MIDI Designer is community-powered and this layout is one of our finest demonstrations of the power of you, our users.MIDI Designer is easy to use, infinitely flexible and customizable, and battle-tested in performance. It's the most-respected MIDI controller platform for iOS.* * * * dream | create | play * * * * *Find out more: midiDesigner.comDaily updates on Twitter: @midiDesignerDaily updates on Facebook: /midiDesignerAny questions, comments or bug reports welcome!
Price USD 3.99
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Version 2.141
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 13.2 or later. Compatible with iPad.