Piano Chords & Scales Trainer

Do you struggle to remember piano chords and scales?Are you lost when it comes to playing in different keys?Are you bored by theory, and just want to be able to play?Do you want to learn quickly but don't have much time?Then this app is for you!This app is designed to help piano players learn and memorize piano chords, scales and intervals in a fast effective way.Piano Chord TrainingThis app teaches the main chord types such as basic triads, seventh chords, augmented and diminished type chords. It also teaches the same chords in different inversions, so you are able to master playing the chords in different ways!Piano Scale TrainingThis app teaches the main scales used in music including major, harmonic minor and melodic minor scales. The app also has the modes for each of these scales. Everything is labelled clearly so you can see what mode belongs to what scales. Other important scales, include Blues, Pentatonic, and Bebop scales for jazz players!Piano Interval TrainingThe app teaches ascending and descending intervals. Learn to navigate the keyboard fluently with this knowledge!Why learn Chords, Scales and Intervals?Learning to play piano chords and scales is an important skill if you want to play jazz, pop, rock, soul or gospel music. Understanding piano chord and scale theory will also allow you to improvise freely on the piano. Practicing with this app everyday will help you visualize chord and scale patterns on a keyboard. It will also help you develop your understanding of music theory.Features58 essential chord positions!42 essential scales and modes!Simple and elegant user interface - easy to use and no instructions needed to get started.Beautiful real piano sound taken from a Steinway Grand Model B piano.Choice of learning modes.Interactive learning - the app will show you then test you on each chord or scale.Flashcard mode - browse all scale/chord positions quickly.Challenging timer based quiz - tests you in all 12 keys and explains errors you make.Quiz mode has a smart timer that adjusts to your level.Automatically learn the circle fourths and fifths with this appSee reminders on which chords and scales are overdue practice!Collect Gold Stars for excellent progress (100% correct with 100% accuracy).Detailed statistics that enable you to track your accuracy and reaction times.Choose premium to become a pro!No more annoying ads, you can just focus on your learning.Access to all locked features in the app, become a piano master in no time!Subscribers get priority on all requests and enhancements!Great value, less than $0.10/ 0,10 per day!The app is constantly being updated with fresh content exclusive to subscribers!Download the app now to begin the journey to mastering the piano keyboard!Help us shape the future of this app, by completing this survey!https://forms.gle/ZP4uXKpTE1vUEgCK7
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 2.5.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up