Knock out the competition with cool punching sounds today!If you love the sound of a fight, you'll love these genuine punching sounds. From the sound of a boxing glove making contact with the opponent's jaw, to fists rhythmically hitting the punching bag, this app has it all!Use these punch sounds to stage a fake fight for theater or casual entertainment! Play the perfect punch sound at the right moment to add an element of reality to your stage brawl!Feel the excitement of boxers, martial artists or extreme fighters on fight night! Just close your eyes and visualize the showdown. Both competitors enter the ring. The bell sounds and the fight begins! The fighters are circling, and the first punch is thrown! It's a miss and all that is heard is the silence of the fist passing through the air and the disappointed crowd. Another hit, this time connecting with the opponent. Another jab, followed by an uppercut and cheers from the stands. The blows are coming hard and fast as the fighters get into the rhythm of the match. Listen to the sound of the punches, and let your imagination do the rest!From realistic attack sounds to silly cartoon punches, these sounds will get two fists of approval!
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up