Rockrelay Analog Synthesizer

Amazing subtractive synthesizer with warm analog sound.* 2 Oscillators, LFO, AMP, Filter Envelope* Midi controlled / Dual midi driver* Supports Bluetooth keyboards and controllers* Default driver supports connection of 2 keyboard / controllers simultaneously* Polyphonic/MONO* 432Hz Tuning option* Octave transpose buttons* Zero latency* 36 built-in voice patches* Voice patch saving* System Exclusive export/importNOTE: If you got stuck keys, when pressing a chord, please switch off the 3 FINGER GESTURE from your phone settings!All features are available before purchase, and can be unlocked after watching rewarding video ad! Please, test everything before purchase!Buying the app removes all ads and unlock all features forever. This is a One-time purchase! All future updates included!FACEBOOK: tap on knobs to center their values. Click on the MIDI button to access preferences menu.MIDI Program ChangeMIDI #CC (Control Change/Continuous Controller )ALL VALUES: /0-100/5 GLIDE RATE20 OSC MIX21 OCTAVE VALUES: /0-5/22 OSC TUNE SEMI23 OSC FINE24 NOISE25 PWM/VIBRATO26 BEND SEMI27 LFO RATE71 RESONANCE72 ENV RELEASE73 ENV ATTACK74 CUTOFF FREQ75 ENV DECAY79 ENV SUSTAIN80 FILT ATCK81 FITL DECAY82 FILT SUSTAIN83 FILT RELEASE85 VCF ENV86 VCF LFO87 VCF VELO91 REVERB MIX92 DELAY MIX102 REVERB BYPASS VALUES / OFF 0-63; ON 64-127 /103 REVERB SIZE104 REVERB DECAY105 REVERB DAMPING106 REVERB DENSITY111 DELAY BYPASS VALUES / OFF 0-63; ON 64-127 /112 DELAY TIME113 DELAY FEEDBACK119 TUNE127 POLY/MONO MODE VALUES: /0-7/
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.3
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 6.0 and up