Song Rhythm Tracks

Song Rhythm Tracks (c) are studio-ready, musicians rhythm tracks arranged for your songs. Select, download and play 20 tracks using this App.Composed entirely of a rhythmic backing and arranged for a song's musical form, there's no better way to receive quality audio, bespoke rhythmic backing - Easily and Quickly. This drumming is alive and it's so easy to select and play.No need to sequence drum loops and all that time-consuming programming! Simply select your song's rhythm and form, press 'save' and you receive a top-quality audio, bespoke rhythmic backing track. Add it to your set list, for practice or performance. Share your song selections, and others, from within the app.Whether you are a new, intermediate or experienced musician you will love using this App. It great for learning new tunes, jamming, gigging and cutting a release.Finest Quality Audio Backing - These audio tracks are sequenced from the very best high-quality audio of real artist interpretations. They have been recorded and mastered at multiple tempos and the arrangements take into account song sections, bridges, middle choruses, introductions, and endings. The drumming keeps the energy flowing as it spells all this out from the introduction to the ending.Alive Drumming currently supports over 60 different categories, including over 250 distinct rhythms. Of these, most are available with alternate instrumentation and many at multiple tempos, in all providing over 3,700 different renderings.Here is a small sample of the styles represented:Jazz, swing, straight 8th, modern, sophisticated, old-timeAmerican Country styles, including NashvilleAmerican Blues, shuffles, hard shuffles, old-time, slow, fastSalsa, Samba, Rumba, mambo, tango, salsa, samba, rumba, merengue, bolero, bombaBossa, Jazz Bossa Brushes, Latin Bossa with bongos & percussionTechno, various formsRock, hard rock, heavy, metal Pop, straight 8th, straight 16th, slow, medium, fastjazz, country, folk, latin, rock, pop,smooth jazz, soul, reggae, Celtic, Bossa, waltz, cha-cha, hip-hop, disco, fusion, funk, praise, techno, march, polka,FEATURES- Complete tracks with count-in, introduction section, multiple choruses and characteristic endings- Simple, fast selection of a song's form - no learning arranging or sequencing- User-defined song form option allows you to select backing for any song- Song sharing facility making song selection even easier- Musician's Player with precise tempo control, large buttons, displaying the musical form and rhythm, and section-wise progress tracking- Multiple Setlists facility providing reordering of tracks and playing entire setlist with configurable inter-track delay.- The App comes with an allocation of 20 of your tracks to download and top ups available via In-App purchases.Step by step written instruction available at instruction on using is available at Drumming isdedicated to bringing the very best rhythmic backing to the world, in its most convenient and inspiring form. We strive to coverrhythms for all genres of popular music, from jazz, country, folk, latin, rock, pop and eventually includingeverything else. We aim to serve every continent, nation, and culture. If your style of music isnt represented, and youd like it to be and you play the drums or percussion, please reach out to us at Song Form - For rhythmic backing, we consider a songs musical form to be simply the sequence of sections that are performed, each identified by its length in bars and whether or not its a bridge. Dont be concerned if that appears complicated. It isnt; you will get the idea very quickly."
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