Metrodrummer 2 - metronome and drum machine

Metronome (metronome beats) and drum machine with rhythm patterns ( Rhythm machine, drum loops )Rhythm functions: Start/Stop, Intro, Standard, Variation, Fill to Standard, Fill to Variation, Percussion, EndingTime functions: Variation +/-, ritardando, accelerando, tempo lock, fade in/outRitardando and accelerando must be editing12 Sections of rhythms with possibility to upload up to 24 rhythms for each sectionUser section where to store your favorite rhythms with tempo change and mute drum partsSelect any tempo from 40 (largo) to 300 beats per minute (prestissimo) as a real metronome.Different types of metronomeSpeed TrainerPerfect for practicing any instruments much better then a simply metronomeIdeal also for solo and group music practice, teaching, live performances, recording sessionMetro drummer with realistic drum soundsA light, easy to use and fun application.Practicing with a metronome seems like a boring and useless thing to do, but with Metrodrummer it's a unique fun.Metrodrummer: train your sense of rhythmMetronomeMetronome beatsDrum machineDrum beatsDrum padDrum loopsDrum computerRhythm machineRhythm patterns* POP16 Beat 1-16 Beat 2-Pop English-Manchester PopAll Beat style-All Pop style-Easy 8 Beat-Care Beat8 Beat new 1-8 Beat new 2-16 Beat Fashion-Gimme Pop StyleGlory Beat-Tommy Groove-Beat Cycle* ROCKPop Rock Medium-Power Beat rock-Rock Shuffle -Rock and RollHard Rock -Latin Rock Mix -Pop Rock 80s-Fast Roll 70sAmbience Rock-Soul Rock-Fast Shuffle Rock-Mexicana RockRock 60yrs-Beat Move 80-Twist 1-Twist 2Punk Rock* JAZZSwing Fast-Jazz 5/4-Acoustic Jazz-DixielandLounge Bossa-Big Band Medium-Moon Ballad-Jazz WaltzSergy 5-4-Gems Big Band 1-Gems Big Band 2-Sergy DixieJazz Fusion-Slow Shuffle 1-Slow Shuffle 2-Slow SwingAmerican Jazz* LATINMambo Standard-Bossanova 1-Bossanova 2-MerengueBeguine-Samba-Bolero-SalsaNew Beguine-Double Bolero-Fast Bossa-Gems Bossa 1Gems Bossa 2-Latin Cha Cha-Lambada-Cool MamboMenaito-Samba Mosquito-Pata Tap-New Samba 1New Samba 2-Slow Bossa-Saint anne Samba-Latin NapoletanBachata 1-Bachata 2-Latin Beat Here-Latin Baila ChicaCumbia 1-Cumbia 2-Samba Rock* BALLADBeat Midnight-Ballad slow-Ballad 80s-60s MediumSlow Rock-Analog Ballad-12/8 Slow-Lento Ballad. And others as* RHYTHM & BLUES* BALLROOM* COUNTRY* TRADITIONAL* DANCE* WORLD* BALLROOM* METRONOMESVideo of Metrodrummer, metronome and drum machine: fun with METRODRUMMER !Are you a professional karaoke user? You should not miss these Apps:* WINLIVE KARAOKE MOBILE (Free)* WINLIVE PRO KARAOKE MOBILE* WINDOWS & MAC SOFTWAREWinlive FreeWinlive HomeWinlive ProWinlive Pro SynthWinlive Synth DriverMetrodrummer* OUR MEDIATUBE APPSMy TubeKara tubeKids TubeLyrics TubeChristians TubeChristmas TubeSongs TubeHitsongs TubeAnthems tubeClassic & Opera tubeSoccer TubeComici Tube* - Via Perlasca, 8 - 76011 Bisceglie (BT) - ITALY
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 2.0.03
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.4 and up