Pirates of the Caribbean (interactive sheet music)

Interactive sheet music for clarinet, piano, flute, oboe, violin and celloTombooks has revolutionized the world of the musical score and presents a whole new way to learn classical music. The interactive sheet music automatically turns the pages for you and adapts to your level to make your learning more effective and fun!In the Pirates of the Caribbean app (interactive sheet music) : you can play the Pirates of the Caribbean theme in different levels of difficulty and accompanied by a full orchestra!The STUDIO provides a quick and effective way to learn the piece. It contains twelve progressively more difficult scores. The easiest levels are perfect for beginners, while the most difficult are aimed at experienced amateur players. These same sets of scores can be used over a number of years as a means of tracking the musician's progress.You can, for example, speed up or slow down the tempo without affecting the sound quality, use a metronome, add annotations, print your annotated score and record yourself.The LIBRARY is a veritable social network dedicated to classical music. It allows you to share your recordings and annotated scores and listen to recordings made by fellow enthusiasts.FUNCTIONSStudioTwelve interactive sheet music for clarinet, piano, flute, oboe, violin and cello with different levels of difficulty and an orchestral accompanimentSlow or speed up the tempo without any loss of sound qualityPersonalised annotation of scoresFunction: recordMetronomePrint of scores annotated or notLibraryA dedicated social network allowing the sharing of recordings, annotated scores and opinions and where one can also find playing partners for duets
Price 2.99
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Version 1.3.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.