Playapod 2 is here and has tons of great features you have been requesting such as the Now Playing Media Bar, News & Blog Subscriptions w/ Text-To-Speech, Video Playback, Custom Groups, and much more. Playapod is the best way to listen to your favorite podcasts and features cross-platform device syncing, episode tracking down to the second, offline listening, fast performance, no ads, and more!Playapod 2 Features:Now Playing Media BarQuickly access whatever is currently playing by tapping on the media bar at the bottom of the screen. Its always on with quick access to play/pause. Tap the bar to bring up the full media player view.News & BlogsAdd news and blog feeds which will be played using text-to-speech. Text based feeds get turned into podcasts with progress bar history, current position, and bookmarking. Very unique feature!Video PlaybackFull-screen video playback is now supported! Tap on the video to toggle full-screen mode.Content DetailsScrolling list of media items displays the description in addition to name, flags, date, size, and duration. Length of description can be configured in settings globally or per subscription.RecommendationsPick a subscription to get back personal recommendations of other shows that are similar.Custom Groups & FiltersFilter content by Subscription (Favorites, Category), Media Flags (New, Listened, Downloaded, Bookmarked, Favorited), Media Type (Audio, Video, Text), and Order (Ascending, Descending). Save filters into Groups for quicker access.External Media FilesAdd media files such as audio, video, and text files for playback.Subscribe to AnythingPlayapod adds more feed formats to include RSS 1.0 (RDF) / RSS 2.0 / Atom Feeds that contain audio, video, and text.High PerformanceCompletely redesigned the refreshing of subscriptions for faster performance while removing duplicate content.Playapod Core Features:Cross Platform SyncingSync all your podcast subscriptions and episode progress between multiple devices and across all platforms! Just sign-in with your favorite social network or with e-mail.Precision Progress BarProgress bar displays exactly the portions of episodes that you have listened down to the second. You'll never forget where you left off or what you skipped over!BookmarkingBookmark your favorite parts of any episode so you can quickly go back and listen again. Bookmarks are time-coded and cloud synced across all your devices.PlaylistCreate a custom playlist of podcast episodes for all-day playback. Drag and drop reordering makes it easy to organize your favorites.Sleep TimerListen at night with the sleep timer that slowly fades the audio out to silence which reducing the chances of waking up.IntegrationsAndroid Auto, Google Cast, Android Widget, & Bluetooth. Toggle media playback and skip forward/backward quickly using notification screen and remote media controls.Listen OfflineDownload entire podcasts and listen on the go without a network connection or cellular data charges.Free & No AdsFree download with no advertising! There are no bulky 3rd party ad networks that are known to kill battery life, slow performance, and consume network bandwidth.Push NotificationsGet new episode notifications so you stay on top of your favorite shows.Import PodcastsQuickly bulk import a list of podcasts with OPML files (Outline Processor Markup Language XML Files).Advanced ConfigurationLots of settings to customize and tweak the behavior of the Playapod app.Customer SupportOur developers listen to your feedback and quickly fix all reported issues. E-mail our team from the settings screen or contact us on Facebook or Twitter.Playapod Blog:https://blog.playapod.comFacebook:
License Free
Version 2.1.3
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.4 and up