Tiger Sounds

Tigers may be just big cats, but they sure dont sound like your little kitty at home!Tigers are most well-known for their loud, powerful roar. Like other big cats in the wild, tigers roar to defend their territory or get the attention of other tigers. Hearing a tiger roar is special and impressive, but dont forget that tigers make other sounds too! While tigers dont purr like housecats (or some big cats like cougars), they do make a unique sound called a chuff to communicate friendliness or pleasure. If threatened or feeling aggressive, tigers also growl, snarl or hiss. But perhaps the most unique vocalization of tigers is a sound called the 'pook' which is believed to be the tiger's attempt to mimic its prey (such as deer) in order to locate or attract it.If you want to hear some of these amazing tiger vocalizations, you've found the right app. Plus, everyone will love to hear all the cool sounds tigers can make!Learn all about tiger sounds by listening to examples from real tigers!
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License Free
Version 2.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up