This is dedicated MaxItalo radio player.The idea of creating the Internet Radio which promotes a Italo Disco style of music was based on other Internet Radio MaxItalo (RMI) is a project registered in Germany with a license GEMA, the domain was launched on April 14 in 2010. Currently, Radio Maxitalo has a modern look and nine channels of high quality audio. Our main goal is to promote Italo Disco New Generation, Italo Disco Classic Instrumental Versions, Synthesizer Dance In The Mix, Euro Disco 80sGold, Channel Beach Club Records and Disco Fox (12 Versions).http://maxitalo.comhttp://italodisco.maxitalo.comhttp://www.aventoy.wxv.plYou'll be pleasantly surprised, so much Italo music you will not find anywhereSpecial thanks to:Birizdo I Am, Closed, Cristina Manzano, Digitalo, Elen Cora, Felli, Fred Ventura, Gazebo, GinaT, Joey Mauro, Lian Ross, Margo, Martin Blix, Mirko Hirsch, Nation In Blue, Nea, New Dream, Nikita Fomin, Ryan Paris, Styloo, Tam Harrow, Frank Lozano, George Aaron, Maxthor, Michael Nolen, Moderno, Raffaele Fiume, The Sweeps.....
Operating System Android
System RequirementsRequires Android 2.3 and up