Headphones Volume Booster and Bass Booster

Headphones Volume Booster and Bass Booster is a modern universal application, which is able to make the sound louder and bass more clear."Headphones Volume Booster and Bass Booster" boosts the sound of audio and video, your favorite music in popular and modern video and audio players,you can also listen to louder music in radio and listen to audio books.Also it can increase the volume of SMS notifications, alarm clock, incoming call and other notifications.Bass booster will help you to listen to such music genres, like Rap music, Hip-Hop music, Rock music, techno music, club music and other kindsof music with beats and basses. Bass Booster makes bass and beats louder, more clear and pronounced.Do you know the secret of great sound in your headphones and earphones?Turn on the button Bass Booster, increase the volume of your music up and enjoy! That is too easy to enjoy your favorite music!For better sounding and sound completeness we advise you to listen to music, radio, audiobooks and watch video using headphones or earphones.Then the sound will be full in your ears.But for alarm clock, SMS notifications, incoming call and other notifications you do not need to use headphones or earphones.Just turn on the app by switching the button on/off and wait for notification.So, what will you get, if you download Headphones Volume Booster and Bass Booster:Louder sound of music, video, audiobooks, phone notifications;More clear and pronounced basses and beats;Better sounding of your favorite music;Easy-to-use application;Modern and simple design;Properly work;Lightweight of app, so the application takes up little memory in the phone.All you need is to download this application, called Headphones Volume Booster and Bass Booster, turn on the app by using button on/off,turn on the Bass Booster also by switching button Bass Booster is On/Off, then adjust the standard volume of sound and, if you are not enough of loudness,boost the sound by regulating the volume track. It is easy to feel more cool only by listening to music!Control the sound. Listen to what you really want. Rule the music. Feel good. Be the King of your phone. And enjoy cool sounding!
Operating System Android
System RequirementsRequires Android 4.1 and up