Super Loud Volume-Booster x3

The Volume of your android device seems Low ? Do you want to hear High Quality Music and sounds ? Your ringtone seems a little bit unhearable ? The Super Loud Volume Booster App will make you have a new experience with your phone volume.Super Loud Volume Booster 3x is Easy to use, you just need to press the one button , and you'll have a high and a good quality sound (speaker music, ringtone, headphones music ...etc)Try this new 2017 Equalizer(Super Loud Volume Booster), We've just released this new Algorithm, that will make you increase the sound by 30%. Its amplifie your sound and gives higher sound boost.And also works better with Headphone and Bluetooth Headset.The App Volume Eq Boost is protected and will never damage your phone.If you like the Speaker booster pro app, give us a 5 stars for the encouragement and the creativity for the next works .
Operating System Android
System RequirementsRequires Android 4.0 and up