WildSpectra Mobile Lite

PLEASE DISREGARD comments complaining about a lack of a menu button. Version 4.2.1 has fixed this problem.Real-time scrolling spectrogram offering amplitude, power, dB, and octave-bands,plus recording and post-processing-routines ,plus mechanical (pocket)watch regulation (timing machine)ala beat-counting.LITE LIMITATION:- 10s max recording (but unlimited real-time analysis).- Limited sampling-rate, transform-size, octave-band options.- No file support (saving/opening WAV files).FEATURES:- Up to 48kHz sampling rate on some devices.- Multiple FFT transform-sizes and windowing functions.- Multiple spectrogram views (amplitude, power, dB)and color palettes.- Axis labels (time/frequency).- Additional real-time views:+ Waveform+ Spectrum+ 1/3 octave-band spectrum (Pro version offers 1/1 - 1/12)+ Level meter+ Beat-counter "timing machine" (mechanical pocket watch regulation via regulator)+ Integrated spectra (loudness)with beat-markers- Post-processing routines:+ Trim+ Gain+ Amplify- Save/open WAV files (pro version only).- Inverted UI orients primary mic forward for improved audio response.PLEASE READ THE INCLUDED DOCUMENTATION OR EMAIL ME IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS.The version history has a complete list of recent changes.
Operating System Android