It is simple but configurable tool.Features:Supported frequencies: 8000 Hz, 11025 Hz, 16000 Hz, 22050 Hz, 44100 Hz.Simple to use, configuration is optional.Custom recordings output directory.Adding date-based suffix to recording name.How to:*)Press "Start recording" to record into desired directory.*)Directory may be change with file dialog that opens when "Change folder" button is clicked.*)If you want to append date to your filename just click checkbox near "Add date at end of name".*)If you want to change sampling rate click on spinner below "Sampling rate" label and choose the one that you need.Permissions:Core app requires only permissions for writing files and recording audio, others are for advertisement services.Ads:May be easily ignored if you don't want to support this app.They appear on exit.Why not paid app without ads? :Because in my country it's problematic, sorry, it's not my fault, I hope that I chose nice ads.*** *** ***Fell free to write comments / suggestions about app. I will try to respond to all questions.
License Free
Version 1.2.2
Operating System Android