Pheasant Sounds

Use real-life pheasant sounds to learn about pheasant behavior or to attract these birds during hunting trips!Pheasants are common birds in the U.S. and Canada, and are one of the most popular game birds for hunting. One of the most common varieties is the ring-necked pheasant. Beautiful male ring-necked pheasants have iridescent copper and gold plumes, a red face and bright white neckline, while females are less flashy with brown plumage that allows them to blend in to their surroundings.Pheasants can be heard from great distances making a loud crowing sound somewhat similar to that of a rooster. While this crowing is the most common sound, many other sounds are also used to communicate between birds. Specific sounds are used as alarm or distress calls as well as mating calls used to attract a mate or during copulation. Female pheasants have a special call to tell her brood of young chicks to hide from danger and another to gather them back together when the coast is clear.Beyond vocalizations, pheasants also make a number of sounds using their wings. Males may use their wings to make a drumming sound while crowing, and after mating can be heard rattling their tail feathers creating a fluttery noise. Before flying both male and female pheasants beat their wings together in a flapping sound.
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