Birds Sounds Relax and Ringtones

Birdsong in the forest for more than 2 hours, the sound quality for listening hard.Listen to the soothing sounds of birds singing, meditation is a bird that really captured from the wild. Non-up It takes about 2 hours to compress a very beautiful voice.2 hours long recording of wonderful relaxing bird songs for sleeping or meditation. This is a clean birds recording, no background noise, wind, hissing, rustling, traffic or loud water stream. There are no alarming noises that will wake you up.Birds are very relaxing to listen to especially when you live in a city and rarely hear birds singing.Many people find it very relaxing to listen to birds while working, studying, writing, meditating, exercising or for Insomnia. (Even your cat might enjoy the bird songs!)Close your eyes and imagine you're in a warm relaxing forest with all the lovely flowers, trees gently rustling in the wind and the beautiful birds singing. What can be more relaxing?
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.7
Operating System Android
System Requirements None