Online Offline Music Player

The Player provides a user interface like never before and includes a number of great features such as mentioned below.H.D equalizers with bass and 3.D surround sound effect || Extraordinary visualizer:Listen to your music with state of The art android media player audio effects along side setting your favorite equalizer settings and choosing from a number of wide presets.Stunning and eye catching visualizations are provided for mainly two purposes. i) To enhance The listening experience with a unique variety of colors and splashes . ii) To provide a unique DNA for each song you listen which will be described in detail below.Unique song DNA are stored in The form of visual elements and are generated with The songs input tunes and The effects you attach The music player. Every song will result in a different visualization given The different effects and tunes. By The end of which you can save, share and keep as a memory in The Music DNA folder that will be saved at The end of every song after you click The Save button below.
Operating System Android