Crazy Train Ringtone And Alert

Crazy Train Marimba Ringtone and AlertMake your phone free from the same old, boring ringtone - Set your ringtone to the Crazy Train (by Ozzy Osbourne)Crazy Train is a popular Song by Ozzy Osbourne. This ringtone is a Marimba version of the song Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne.This hot ringtone is one of our top 10 ringtones. It frees your phone from the monotony of old ringtones. You can set different ringtones for all your different contacts - mom ringtones, dad ringtones, ringtones for your best friend, bff ringtone and anybody you want!You Can- Set your Default ringtone, assign to a specific Contact, and/or set as an Alarm.- Set a short Crazy Train Marimba tone as a TEXT/Notification Alert.This is the highest quality digitally rerecorded version of the Original Music.*****************************************************************SetupIt is very simple to maximize your use of this Marimba ringtone -- Just download and open your Crazy Train Marimba Ringtone app- You will see two items 1 - Crazy Train Marimba Ringtone and 2 - Crazy Train Marimba Alert Tone- You can preview the file before making it your Default ringtone, assign to a Contact or set as an Alarm- You can also set as an Alert tone so when you receive text and email etc, your phone will ring with a very short version
Operating System Android