This is the free version.- It presents more than 150 Music Scales from music around the world that are useful for any musician playing any kind of music on Electric Bass Guitar.- It shows how each scale is written on the staff including the names of the notes and the Pattern of the Scale.- You can listen to the scale.- It shows the notes of each scale on a virtual Bass Guitar so you can play it.- It presents two shapes to play each scale on the Bass Guitar.- You can select the device you are using (smartphone or tablet) so your fingers adapt better on the virtual Bass Guitar size.These are the scales included in this app:1. Acoustic Scale2. Aeolian4. Ahava Rabboh5. Altered Dominant6. Altered Locrian b47. Altered Mixolydian8. Altered Pentatonic9. Ama Lama Cooma Scale10. Bartok Scale11. Bebop Dominant13. Bebop Jazz Minor14. Bebop Melodic Minor15. Blues Scale16. Blues Scale 217. Brown-eye Rabbit Scale21. Diminished Blues22. Dominant 7th Scale23. Dominant Bebop29. Dorian33. Dorian Hexatonic34. Dorian Pentatonic35. Dorico Flamenco38. Double Harmonic Minor40. Down in the Valley Scale41. Enigmatic Mode 144. Freygish45. Half Tone Scale46. Half-Whole Diminished47. Harmonic Major48. Harmonic Major Inverse49. Harmonic Major Mode 254. Harmonic Major Mode 755. Harmonic Minor57. Harmonic Minor Mode 262. Harmonic Minor Mode 763. Haul Away Joe Scale64. Hira-joshi65. Hira-joshi Mode 466. Hon-kumoi-joshi67. Hungarian Major68. Hungarian Minor69. In-sen70. Ionian71. Ionian #572. Ionian Hexatonic73. Jazz Melodic Minor74. Jazz Melodic Minor Mode 280. Jazz Minor Inverse81. Kokin-joshi82. Kookaburra Scale83. Leading Whole Tone84. Little Sally Water Scale-Childhood Chant85. Locrian86. Locrian #287. Locrian bb788. Locrian nat 689. Lydian90. Lydian #291. Lydian #592. Lydian Augmented93. Lydian b794. Lydian Diminished95. Lydian Dominant96. Lydian Hexatonic97. Lydian Minor98. Major Augmented Scale99. Major b6 Scale100. Major Bebop101. Major Bebop Mode 7102. Major Locrian103. Major Pentatonic104. Major Pentatonic Mode 1108. Major Pentatonic Mode 5109. Major Scale110. Major-Minor Scale111. Melodic Minor112. Mi Sheberach113. Minor Gypsy114. Minor Gypsy Inverse115. Minor Locrian116. Minor Pentatonic117. Minor Scale118. Minor-Major Scale119. Min'yo120. Mixolydian121. Mixolydian b6122. Mixolydian Bebop123. Mixolydian Hexatonic124. Miyako Bushi125. Natural Minor Scale126. Neapolitan Major127. Neapolitan Major Mode 2128. Neapolitan Major Mode 4129. Neapolitan Major Mode 5130. Neapolitan Minor131. North Wind Scale132. Overtone Scale133. Phrygian134. Phrygian b4138. Phrygian-Mixolydian139. Prometheus140. Prometheus (Liszt)141. Prometheus Neapolitan142. Ring Around the Rosie Scale143. Ritsu144. Rock Minor Scale145. Row, Row Mode 4146. Row, Row Mode 5147. Row, Row Scale148. Ryuku149. Spanish Major150. Spanish Scale 8-Note151. Super Locrian152. Super Locrian bb7153. Suspended Pentatonic154. Threshing Song Scale155. Verdi's Enigmatic Ascending158. Zeg moeder ScaleMusic is an art and a science. Music notes, reading sheet music and music theory are some of the vital aspects that a musician should know by heart. Knowing the different scales there are in music is a very important subject too.A music scale is any set of music notes ordered by fundamental frequency or pitch. There are music scales for jazz music or for rock music. A music scale defines the type of music you are listening.This app is great for anyone looking for Bass Guitar scales. Actually all the scales contained in this app are useful for all music instruments and for anyone interested in singing.You dont need much music notation knowledge to use this app. Knowing music notes and what semitones and tones are is enough.
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