Audio generator plays tones

AudioGenerator has a very simple interface composed of 5 thumbwheels and an ON/OFF switch. Simply dial in the frequency in Hertz (cycles per second) and press the ON/OFF switch to start or stop the tone. The tone is a pure sinusoid. Don't be surprised if you can't hear tones over 10,000 Hz. (You can see the high frequencies if you use the Spectrogram or SpectrumAnalyzer apps.)When the tone is ON, the thumbwheels are grayed out and the user cannot change the frequency. The thumbwheels can be freely changed when the tone is OFF.Any frequency up to 22,050 Hertz is permissible. Volume is adjusted with the volume controls on the Android device.The program is useful to musicians, engineers, dog trainers and people who just want to informally test their hearing.This program was developed on an Evo 4G. The Evo 4G was able to play the high pitched sounds. While testing the phone at night, the sound woke our dog from a deep sleep and she suddenly stood at attention, even though the sound was completely inaudible to me. So this program can be used as a dog whistle.The program uses the new Google licensing standard. In theory this means the program can be copied to an SD card, freeing up internal memory in the Android, although I haven't tried it.I am very interested in receiving feedback or any recommendations for improvements to this application. I'm a new business and will be grateful for the feedback. Please contact me at with any questions or recommendations that you may have.For information about this or other AndWaves products, see
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