CYBERPUNK Poweramp Widget

This app contains only the CYBERPUNK Poweramp WidgetApps and widgets are used in the preview screenshots are not a part of this Poweramp Widget. More Apps, Widgets or Themes/Skins from the CYBERPUNK Collection available on Google Play Store.NoteCYBERPUNK Poweramp Widget is a skin widget pack for Poweramp 2.x.This is not a separate application.Install Poweramp 2 first, then this skin/theme.following widget sizes are supported- 2x2- 4x1- 4x2- 4x4Size and appearance of widgets may be a bit wary on different devices and launchers.ContactsIf you have any problems or any suggestions for our Poweramp Widgets,please do not hesitate to tell us. We will help you! E-mail: neoscape333@gmail.comcom.maxmpz.audioplayer.widget OR poweramp widgetmemscapecyberpunkcopyright(c) all rights reserved Memscape
Operating System Android