Grand Canyon Suite (Grofe)

You can store these classical musics into your phone's SD card storage and appreciate them using this app. or other music player. We are planing to provide classical music series app. that can download musics into internal SD card of phone.The Grand Canyon Suite is a suite for orchestra by Ferde Grofe, composed between 1929 and 1931. It was initially titled "Five Pictures of the Grand Canyon".It consists of five movements, each an evocation in tone of a particular scene typical of the Grand Canyon. Paul Whiteman and his orchestra gave the first public performance of the work, in concert at the Studebaker Theatre in Chicago on November 22, 1931.1 Grand Canyon Suite No. 1 Sunrise [05:40]2 Grand Canyon Suite No. 2 Painted Desert [05:32]3 Grand Canyon Suite No. 3 On the Trail [07:40]4 Grand Canyon Suite No. 4 Sunset [05:02]5 Grand Canyon Suite No. 5 Cloudburst [08:31]Enjoy yourself.
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