Sleep Melodies: Relaxing Music, Meditation, Spa

Sleep Melodies offers radio stations with sounds of meditation, relaxation, white noise, Spa, and much more, without repetition, to be used as: ambient music, music for massages, music to sleep, anti-stress ... Sleep Melodies is your help to relax, combating anxiety and daily stress, soothe headache, sleep well and for babies with white noise, for example.Choose the melody you like and just relax ...While listening to relaxing music, you can use your mobile device in other tasks, even if you turn off the screen, the music will continue but giving the user freedom.Create a relaxing atmosphere with peaceful sounds of relaxation, sounds to sleep, music for massages, for anti stress therapy, music to study, sounds of nature, music for yoga, reiki, chakra, kabalah, taichi or meditation. Improve your daily life by music relaxing sessions that will regenerate your body and soul improving your health.Types of sounds:- Meditation / Yoga- Instrumental- Environmental- Quiet- Chillout- Classic Relax- White noise- Nature- Ethnic Musicand we will keep working on more ;-)It's time to get back to good sleep and the peace of mind you deserve!Try the Sleep Melodies app that gives you the most positive sleep and relaxation experience you can get. With a few sessions, you will notice how your body and mind improve with the sounds of relaxation and meditation.
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