It is an application of "VIE FIT" earphone.Function:VIE FIT Firmware Update Function:Release note of Vie Fit Firmware Ver.13.0 (May 2018)1: Removing the multipoint function due to the issue with the specific phone types.2: Adding the patch to improve the Bluetooth connectivity.Please refer to the following the instruction step by step to upgrade the firmware.* It's very important to follow these steps in order to avoid any issue.Preparation:1: Please make sure your phone and earphones are FULLY CHARGED.2: DELETE the previous Bluetooth pairing setting on all of your devices (Phones).3: Download Vie Fit app via Android device (OS version 4.4 or later).Upgrade one earphone:1: Power on ONLY ONE SIDE of the earphone.2: Pair ONE of the earphones to the Android phone.3: Open the Vie Fit app and select the appropriate earphone, "Vie Fit L" or "Vie Fit R" and Press start.4: On the next screen, press the blue big circle button to upgrade.5: After the data transfer is completed, press "yes" on the message boxes (twice).6: After the upgrade is completed, shut down the app.7: DELETE the pairing setting on your phone.8: Power off the earphone.Upgrade the other earphone:Follow the same procedures as above with the other earphone.*It is mandatory to update BOTH SIDES of the earphones to work properly.Restart your phone and pair the earphone:1: After the upgrade is completed, RESTART your phone and earphones.2: Pair ONLY ONE SIDE of the earphones to your phone.3: Power on the second earphone and wait for the pairing.4: Listen to the music for a while. (It may take a while to become stable)If you encounter any issue during the upgrade,Please contact Vie support,
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 0.0.05
Operating System Android
System Requirements None