U-GRUVE AR: Interactive Soundtracks for Public SpacesU-GRUVE is a location-based app that lets you experience original soundscapes written by professional composers specifically for a given location, be it a park, plaza, or promenade. But to fully hear each piece, you must walk around the space to discover the music.The selected locations, all of which are well-known public spaces, have been split into virtual zones, each of which has been assigned a sound or musical passage. By walking from zone to zone, you can construct your own musical arrangement to accompany you on your visit.Current locations can be found throughout New York City, and features original works by Dafna Naphtali, Kamala Sankaram, Michael Durek, Milica Paranosic, Jesse Stiles, and Barbara J. Weber.New pieces are continually being added, without requiring additional updates or downloads.The World is Your Mixer. Play the Space!
Operating System Android