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Best Hanuman Chalisa HD Quality Chanting app with all Puja FeaturesAbout Hanuman Chalisa:Hanuman Chalisa is a divine Hindu chant stotra or hymn dedicated to Lord Hanuman Ji. It is conventionally said to have been written by a 16th-century spiritual and philosophical poet Shri Tulsidas Ji in the Awaadhee language. It is known to be his best text apart from another devotional writing "The Ramcharitmanas". The name "chalisa" has come from the word "chalis", which actually refers to Hindi "Number Forty", as the main Hanuman Chalisa hymn has 40 verses (apart from the verses at starting and also at end).About Lord Hanuman Ji:Hanuman Ji is a Hindu deity also known by Anjaneya, Mahavira and Maruti. He is said to be completely devoted to Lord Rama, the main character in Hindu Sanskrit holy epic Ramayana.Traditional stories increasingly glorify the supremacies of Hanuman Ji and thus is considered as reincarnation or an avatar of Lord Shiva. It is said that while we chant the hanuman Chalisa we imbibe the qualities of Hanuman ji's, strength, courage or bravery, wisdom and spiritual knowledge, brahmyacharya or celibacy, a devotion to Lord Rama and many other as mentioned in the Hanuman Chalisa itself. The reading and chanting Hanuman Chalisa is considered to be very common religious practice in India.Benefits Of Chanting Or Reciting and Listening Hanuman Chalisa:If anyone can read or listen Hanuman Chalisa properly, whole-heartedly and with all devotion once or twice daily, which:- Helps to get rid of all harmful evil powers and spirits.- Lessen the effects of Saturn's Sade Sati and other malefic effects.- Remove all obstacles.Our Hanuman Chalisa HD Quality Audio with Puja Features:This Is Completely Offline App.Intuitive and User Friendly DesignHD Quality Audio TrackSeparate Section for Reading Hanuman ChalisaHindi and English Lyrics for HD Hanuman Chalisa trackAuto off Function with Timer and the Chalisa CounterOption to Set Photo As wallpaperOption to Set Hanuman Chalisa As Alarm, and RingtoneFunctions to Show Reminding Number Of Chalisa Counts and Timer.No Gaps Or Lags While Playing Audio Chalisa. Completely SmoothDuring Phone Calls or Notification Automatic Stop Function and Continue LaterUnique Bell and Shankh Or Conch soundsAbsolutely Clean Coded App
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