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READY TO JOIN IN ON MOKO REVOLUTION?MOKO: YOUR BEST FRIEND TO LISTEN AND DISCOVER AFRO & CARIBBEAN MUSICWe are excited to be the first platform ever to focus on Afro and Caribbean music, conveniently offering at your fingertips over 100 genres from over 70 countries!MOKO was created for all of us, by a passionate music lover and supporter of Afro and Caribbean culture. Search, stream, play and save an unlimited quantity of music videos and tracks, or just listen to your favourite songs on the go. Go from viewing mode to listening mode quickly and easily.Search any song, album, video, playlist that you wish to, and browse music videos by genres.Choose from thousands of songs, always in HIFI sound. Find your favourite artist or explore songs from the emerging scene and discover new artists to love. Discover exclusive content only available on MOKO.Follow as many artists as you desire and get notified when new content is posted. Looking for something new? It will now be easier than ever to know what's hot thanks to the MOKO charts, our weekly ranking of the 100 most popular songs.Ready to create the soundtrack of your life? Compile an unlimited amount of playlists to satisfy any mood you desire to create.Listen to playlists curated by top DJ's, experts and fans.Set up your profile now and create your very own personalized MOKO experience! Free profile or Premium at $4.99.MOKO: For music lovers from all walks of life. Everywhere. All the time.
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